Being INFP

I’m dying to escape the madness of this stupid society


I hate society more than anything. I just want to escape from it. I want to find somewhere I can shun the ”sleeping civilization,” a peaceful place where I can settle, build my own house, and live off the land.

I don’t care about money. I never cared about money. I don’t want a job. I just want to live an easy and simple life where I can spend most of my time doing what I want like reading books on philosophy or cyberpunk stuff or French secularism. I want a life that doesn’t mandate me to waste my precious time making money for people by prostituting my talents and skills to them.

I think it is stupid that I was born to this world just to pay for every single fucking second of my stay by getting a job, paying bills and taxes and dealing with arrogant “sleeping” people who think they’re all that but really they’re nothing but hollow shells of human beings who live off from other people’s hard work. It’s stupid.

I want everything the system have on me gone. This society we live in is sick. It is bullshit. And we are constantly being manipulated into helping a few people further enslave us and our minds.

Open your fucking minds. There’s no reasonable way to live this kind of life in this society.

Just the thought of taking the damn train or bus every morning your WHOLE FUCKING LIFE when you leave for your work, sitting on public transport around “sleeping” people, waiting in line and interacting with the “sleeping” people really make me extremely depressed.

Just the average shit everybody talk about these days makes me depressed. Almost all people I know acts this way. I’m sick of being forced to socialize with these people. And surely, I care about my family and my relationships, except when they aggravate my disconnect with society. When that happens, my desire to escape overwhelms me.

I like nothing about this system. I just want to escape and disappear.

I don’t want to deal with money, taxes, bills and the “sleeping people” all my life and grow old and die with memories of me living the kind of life I want, not one designed for me by the system, this stupid fucking society.

I don’t want any of its benefits. I just want to be on my own, or maybe just be with animals to escape the complexities of human relationships. I hate materialism, lack of genuine human interaction, the sick work environment, and the horrible “sleeping” people. I want to get away from all these. What we have is a sugarcoated bullshit of life and I don’t want any of it.

I want to do this, life, all alone.