The universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about you


This goes to all religious people who think that human beings are so special that a “god” created and fine-tuned this Brobdingnagian universe just for them. The human ego is so fragile that you needed to contrive the existence of a “god” who cares for you; that you are important to an omnipotent judge; that your concept of morality is preserved by this “ruler of reality.” Sorry to burst your bubble (and bible), the universe was not created just for you.

You are not the center of creation. Your “god” is unreal. Any “god” with “human” characteristics is an erroneous projection that stems from your psychological dysfunction. Your belief that there’s an omniscient father-figure watching over you is a misguided result of simplistic thinking and prideful egotism. The grand Universe simply does not give a flying fuck about you, no matter how much you’d like it to.


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