The bullshit that is religion


A member of a religious community in the Philippines giving out candies in exchange of condoms to promote “chastity” during Valentine’s Day. From Philippine Star.

This guy is bullshit. Religion is bullshit. You know why Europe (yes, I am excluding America because idiotic zealotry remains in that country) is the most equal and progressive region in the world economically, socially and politically? It is because attempting to understand the world through the lenses of science is never questioned fundamentally in Europe. It was science that emancipated Europe from the shackles of authoritarianism and superstition of their medieval past. It was science that bestowed Europe with an objective basis for decision-making that has been the bedrock of their success for centuries.

Yes, there are debates about the borderline between politics and science in Europe–about the distribution of resources, or professional ethics (euthanasia, abortion, etc.)–but practically never about scientific endeavor. For Europeans, sacrificing scientific inquiry in favor of unfounded opinions and religious beliefs especially in laying policies on the environment or education is a step back to the pre-Enlightenment times when drilling holes in a person’s skull was the cure for migraine and beavers’ testes were used to prevent pregnancy.

And this is why I think it’s dumb and stupid that the Philippine education system gives religious myths of “Creation” an equal voice with Evolution in explaining our origins as human beings. Or when religious beliefs are given an equal voice to scientific evidences of reproductive health.


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