What is romance?

My boyfriend and I had only been going out and sleeping together for less than a month when we decided we want to be together.

It happened casually and spontaneously. I was working on my laptop in a coffee shop somewhere in Mandaluyong while he was patiently waiting for me to finish from across the table.

Work done, I closed my laptop and dropped it back into my bag. I shyly faced him and was reminded of a tweet of his where he referred to me as his “boyfriend.”

I asked, “By the way, are we ‘boyfriends’ now?”

“Uhm, well, I already feel like you’re my boyfriend,” he said.

“Me too!” (Truth be told, I always knew I wanted to be with him ever since our first date.)

And that’s how we decided we wanted to give it a shot at a relationship.

There were no flowers, no grand gesture, no sweet nothings, but everything felt right. It was a random night that ended in us deciding to commit in a relationship. It was romantic in its own way and very us–free and silly and impromptu.

And I’m sure it is not as romantic as many of the stories out there. Still, I wouldn’t change it for the world.



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