On Kris Aquino’s insensitive posts

To be honest, I pity Kris Aquino. I feel like as a child, she must have severely lacked attention and affection from her parents and family that she started searching for these things in other people. You think she’s arrogant? No, she isn’t. What she has is very low self-esteem.


What an exhausting life she must have. For most of her existence, she must have been second guessing herself, hence her constant hunt for validation from people who don’t even genuinely care for her. She’s so thirsty for attention that she’s willing to forget her morals, values and standards. It’s going to be a long life if she keeps this up. A real-life equivalent of the Greek mythological figure Tantalus.

And those people who sympathize with her, people who defend her, people who think she’s flawless and that everything she does and everything she opines is without fault are probably just like her–people lining up for her validation. It’s practically the blind leading the blind because Kris Aquino herself has literally no idea what she’s doing.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking other people’s approval. In fact, it’s a potent driving force towards attaining our goals. But when you start to compromise your values and standards and offend people in the desperate attempt for them to talk about you, that’s just wack.


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