5 AM Thoughts

My political science scholarship is just one aspect of my life. It’s not entirely who I am. And while I love what I do, I don’t believe I ought to hinge my entire life around it.

I don’t care for prestige or high pay. I don’t care for a PhD or a Nobel prize. Well, maybe just a little. But not so much as to compromise my other hopes and dreams that mean so much more to me, like becoming a husband to another man and a father to beautiful kids someday.

When you’re surrounded with brilliant people who are identified by what they do and have invested enormous amount of time and energy in furtherance of their expertise, it’s so easy to get lost in the herd. This is why everyday before going to sleep, I remind myself of who I am and what my personal priorities are.

I refuse to become anyone’s frustration proxy. I am not here to live a life you wish you had. I am my own person and this is my life. I will live it as I see fit. And while I appreciate your guidance, at the end of the day, my decision is the only one that matters.



  1. Being someone who’s yet to find a professional herd,,I’m desperate to be in one. Currently all I have is myself, my priorities, my individuality. I’d chip a bit off each at a chance for a successful career :/ Funny hearing the other side of it though!

    1. Hi James. Thanks for sharing your own experience. It made me realize that the things we take for granted are things someone is hoping for. I think you’re a handsome and a very smart young man. You got a great future ahead of you. It’s cliche but we must keep trying. I’m lucky to have a good job right now but getting it surely entailed a lot of challenges. I will work hard to keep it. That said, I also think we mustn’t lose control of other aspects of our lives just because we want to do well professionally. Balance is everything.

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