The LGBT community is shallow and a load of crap

You want to know the truth? Here’s the truth. The LGBT community is shallow and a load of crap. We assign value to a man by his looks. And that valuation determines the amount of bullshit that we will tolerate from him.

Like when a conventionally attractive gay man floods us with a load of crap, it’s fine. We can tolerate it. We might even celebrate him. Why? Because he’s attractive and “valuable” and we don’t want to offend him. Because we want to be liked and accepted by good-looking people.

But when an average looking man is acting all bold and maverick and self-aware, we’re quick to hate him because we look at him with lesser value. That’s why we all have these memes: Umarte lang ng naayon sa ganda or Wag maging choosy kung hindi ka naman yummy, am I right?

How is this wrong? Actually, I don’t think it’s inherently wrong. It’s basic human instinct. Science has proven that human beings are hard-wired to respond favorably towards attractive people. People even go out of their way to help attractive people.

But is it fair? No, it’s not fair. Not to mention, dangerous. Because making decisions and judgments exclusively based on physical appearance–or even being influenced by it–is plainly discriminatory and can be fundamentally harmful.


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