I’m anti-religion

So I’m just going to be blunt about how I feel about religion and I’m just going to say… ALL RELIGIONS ARE STUPID. And maybe I am being disrespectful. But then again respect is not imposed, it is earned. And while I’m willing to TOLERATE all belief systems, I can only RESPECT something that I value. And I don’t value irrationality.

I do not care if you worship a Jewish dude who looks like a bearded Bon Jovi, an enormous cow, a prophet from the desert, or a magician who dwells in the skies… PROVIDED you don’t preach your beliefs to me in a public space, teach it to children as a FACT in state schools, or attempt to make your religious beliefs my SECULAR state’s laws. Simply put, your beliefs are none of my business so far as you keep them to yourself.

I am a staunch advocate of human rights and I would certainly defend anyone’s right to practice their religion as long as it doesn’t violate my space and any of my freedoms, doesn’t hurt or cause harm to people, doesn’t aim to foist their dogma on state policy, have no special status and receive no special treatment from the government and pay their taxes like every other corporation. ALSO, IT WOULD BE GREAT IF IT DOES NOT OBSESS WITH WHAT I DO WITH MY PENIS.

It immediately becomes my business when I am coerced to comply with and pay for some farcical belief of others. I pay taxes yet these organized groups who preach about helping the poor all the time are exempted from it. And worse, they even seek to influence state policies based on their dogma!

I do not hate believers. I do not hate their deities. How can I hate something I don’t even believe exists?


A human being with inalienable rights of man qua man regardless of gender identity, race and religion. A human being who lives in a supposed democracy where citizens should submit themselves to the rule of law. A human being who lives in–as stated–a secular state that must give opportunity for freethinking and where reason, science and democracy must take over.

I exist. And therefore, I matter. And it’s funny and ridiculous and infuriating that we know human beings exist and don’t know if your gods do, but deny people their rights on the off chance that it might piss off your god.


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