What I fall in love with

As a newly single person after months of being in a twosome, I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating. This time, my internal dialogue answers the question, What do I fall in love with? Here’s what I discovered.

I admit appearance is a critical factor in my partner-seeking. But it’s something that I don’t usually “see”. What I noticed is I fall for people who reminds me of a movie or a book I read, or a character in that book/movie. Like they would always wear something that sets them apart from the rest, like a rainbow unicorn hoodie or a Che Guevarra tank top. Or they’ll have that distinct hairstyle or a certain way of smiling. Just something that really individualizes them, some strangely pinpointed knowledge that really intrigues me.

I fall for someone who can bring me to the places only my mind can take me to. Someone who can tether reality with dreams, consciously or subconsciously. Someone who can really make me feel like I’m glowing in the dark with the stars, like a scene from a book. It’s oddly specific and can be interpreted as really pretentious but someone who is confident in their wit and whose mind can really grasp me and undress me and interpret me. Someone who makes me feel alive when everything is withered.


Someone that I can just sit down with and not having to think and is open to new things. Someone that can really take control, just take care of things. Somebody responsible but knows how to have fun… I guess.


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