Why we can’t win Miss Universe

The Miss Universe crown remains elusive for the Philippines this year.

The problem?

We keep sending hard scientists to the pageant and not students of liberal or social sciences. The positivism intrinsic to hard or natural sciences could strip its students off of the humanistic and/or artistic perspective which, in my opinion, gives candidates the wisdom and the edge to perform well in the Q&A portion. I mean, can you believe Shamcey Supsup was a magna cum laude from UP and yet only finished 3rd RU? I can. Why? Because she’s an ARCHITECT.

So expect another cliched, mainstream, conventional, uninsightful answer from our representative this year. That is, if she’ll even qualify in the Top 5.

Watching this interview, she can’t even put to words properly the message she would like to get across to her audience. It’s frustrating because she’s trying to depict feminism and “girl power”–which could have given her an advantage–but can’t seem to elucidate it well.

I’m still rooting for her though. I want her to prove me wrong. I feel like she’s really giving it all to make us Filipinos proud and appreciate her for that.


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