So today is my 25th birthday

Do you ever feel like it’s your birthday and everyone wants to know what your wish is but you just couldn’t figure it out in your head? And it’s not because you’re one ultimately self-actualized being who just couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s probably because since we were kids we have been wishing for things we could easily make sense of—that new Apple gadget, an exciting travel destination, high grades or a hot boyfriend with a tight ass. And all of a sudden, you turn 25 and people keep asking the same questions they have been asking ever since you were three—questions like “what’s your birthday wish.” And you know for certain there’s something—an unearthly wanting—that could make your life for you. But you just couldn’t make sense of it! You dig in deep and deeper but the pressure of the moment keeps sinking in and the urgency to blurt out something is becoming more exigent by the second. So you give out dumb, thoughtless answers like “world peace” or “Zac Efron’s penis in my mouth.” People smile because they thought they have you figured out. “He’s a person who wants world peace or suck Zac Efron’s white cock.” Little do they realize that what you wish for your birthday—what you want in your life—is an achingly personal odyssey that you will mold and make sense of until you get a grasp of its final form every single day of your life.

9,132 days old, but who’s counting?


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