Of revolutions, democratization and the Mockingjay: A ‘kind of’ a movie review

I have a soft spot for any movie that has a touch of revolution in it. The Hunger Games series is an important franchise. I can only imagine how the reception would be like if this was shown uncut in countries like China.

The latest installment, Mockingjay‬ Part 1, is particularly charged with many anti-America, anti-authoritarianism and democratization themes, and they hit you over the head with it. There are also some anti-Israel sentiments in one shot depicting the children of what resembles West Bank.

Aside from the fact that it gives no acknowledgment whatsoever to its source material, the equally political Japanese film: Battle Royale (which happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time), Mockingjay unapologetically casts several middle fingers in their general direction. This is probably why the movies are hated everywhere else except America. While a lot of these “middle fingers” might be there just to provoke, there are moments where the philosophical parts actually hit all the right spots.

I can only imagine how the future for Panem would be like when “democracy” has been installed. , Of course, the assumption that any country moving away from dictatorship was in transition to democracy has been inaccurate and misleading. (Some have hardly democratized.) Of course, the level of economic development seems to have an impact on the sustainability of democracy and from the looks of it, Panem got a long way to go.

This is strong stuff and probably one of the most defiant films ever made against capitalism (which is ironic because it’s a product of it haha).


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