Jeffrey Laude deserved to die

Can we all just agree that Jeffrey “Bakla” Laude deserved to die, acquit US Marine Joseph Pemberton for murdering the transsexual and move on? Aren’t we already mired down in a plethora of more pressing issues such as deciding which love team is better, KathNiel or JaDine? We do not need another monkey on our back, we already got the Binays.

I mean, I am not even homophobic or transphobic. I just don’t like people like Laude because they’re not normal and my religion hates them. Sodom and Gomorrah, am I right? Anyway, here’s why I think Pemberton is guiltless for slaying the tranny.


First off, Pemberton is cute.

Okay, okay. He’s not that cute but he’s white. And in the eyes of Filipinos, all white males are Tom Cruises. It makes no sense for such adorable a bae with those little puppy eyes to murder Laude – a drag and presumably a whore (because all drags are) – out of sheer hate. Like, nobody knows exactly what happened but I’ll just go ahead and assume that Laude tricked Pemberton into making him think he’s an actual woman and this incited the US marine to murder him. Isn’t that what these kinds of people do, they trick people? I mean, no judgment.

And if that’s exactly what happened (which we do not know for sure but just for the sake of argument), shouldn’t we feel sorry for Pemberton instead? The man was expecting to get pussy, not dick. That’s like a totally legit reason to murder someone, amirite? Like, I’m gay and if you try to have sex with me and I find out you’re straight, I think I’m definitely going to murder you.

And another thing, Pemberton is nineteen. He’s practically a fetus. Laude was 26. He should have known better than to anger a teen. I mean, hormones make teenagers volatile these days. One second, you’re making love, the next he’s shoving your head into a toilet bowl. That’s just life. And that’s why we have the Juvenile Justice Law.

What? Minimum age of criminal responsibility in the country is 15? Well, Pemberton is 19, that’s as good as 15 if we come to think of it. Nonetheless, being the older man, shouldn’t Laude have exercised better discernment? I believe he should have. And Pemberton lacked perspicacity in his actions because he’s just nineteen, obvi. That’s justifiable.

Also, I’m just going to say what’s not being said here and cast the first stone: Laude was affianced but he chose to cheat on his German boyfriend, presumably rich, who loved him dearly. I mean, my crush won’t even look at me! Bitch is lucky. Do you have any idea how many Yahoo Messenger chatrooms I’ve been in searching for the perfect (aka rich) Caucasian groom? Countless! And here’s Jeffrey Laude, just a dumb tranny who’s about to marry his rich boyfriend to leave this shithole of a country yet cheated on him with a sexy US marine who’s also my type. He’s just a dumb tranny while I’m a real woman but he got everything that I don’t! And that’s why I think he deserved to die.

And puhlease spare me the debate on which name or pronouns should be used on him. His body is male. That makes him male regardless of his soul or spirit or preference. I’m obviously not a transsexual so I don’t have an iota of idea of what goes on in these mutants’ heads but let’s not make things complicated.

Finally, can you all just get over yourselves? The man is just a transsexual. Yes, he’s got a family and friends and stuff and I’m sure they’re sad but, like, what is his contribution to society at large, really? What’s his worth? Close to zero if you ask me. It’s not like he’s Kris Aquino who’s totally awesome. All I’m saying is I feel like in the hierarchy of human beings, heterosexuals are definitely on top followed closely by the bicurious. And the trannies always go to the bottom, if you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, I hope we get over this as soon as possible because we got better things to do like make sure the movie version of Be Careful With My Heart materializes. That, my friend, is a total societal game changer.




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