A rant

So I found these comments on Facebook the other day. Boy, did my head heat up.


                    Click photo to enlarge

I can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of stupidity in these people’s heads. I can’t die in this country and neither can you so I’m encouraging all Pinoy LGBTs to leave this place and live somewhere else where you’re accepted and your human rights are respected. WE HAVE NO FUTURE HERE.

Like, what, are we supposed to spend our entire lives clamoring for the state to provide us basic legal rights that they continue to deny us because it’s “against the teachings” of a metaphysical being who may or may not even exist? Am I supposed to thank the entire Filipino nation for tolerating my real self, my lifestyle and my penchant for the same sex and be contented with that because they’re doing me a really huge favor? Should I teach myself the contentment of going home everyday to a guy with whom I share beautiful love with but when he gets sick and we’re poor I won’t even be able to use my shitty PhilHealth card to avail the meager hospital discount because our love and partnership isn’t recognized by the state?

I mean, seriously, what do you think makes our kind of love different from yours? What makes a relationship between two men or two women different from that of a man and a woman? Is it that we can’t produce a baby? How about those heterosexual couples who have decided not to have kids? Shouldn’t we be condemning and marginalizing them too if your logic stands?

FFS, open your minds and your hearts. We’re not any different from you. We fall in love and get our hearts broken and fantasize our wedding and our dream house, too. We want to be able to build our own families, too. Why would you think that what we’re doing is a “sin”?! Where’s the humanity gone?

I know the photos aren’t about same sex marriage but the amount of ignorance and stupid in these comments is what strikes me. Being gay isn’t a sin. Loving another person may they be a man or a woman is not a sin. (What does ‘sin’ even mean?) Why wouldn’t you want for two people to get married or have the same rights as you do? If that’s not assholery, I effing don’t know what is.


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