Marnie and fake people

Excerpt from Girls Season 3, Episode 5: “Only Child”

Ray: What’d you want to talk about?
Marnie: Yeah so I guess I just wanted you to um… God, I don’t really know how I want to say this… I wanted you to tell me what’s wrong with me.
Ray: What’s wrong with you?
Marnie: Yes. It just feels like it’s time for me to take responsibility for what has happened in my life and you are someone who likes to tell people whats wrong with them anyway… so shoot.
Ray: I’m smelling a trap here.
Marnie: No, it is not a trap. Seriously this is what i need from you specifically so please just give it to me. Please.
Ray: Okay. All right, are you ready for this?
Marnie: Yes, I’m a strong woman.


Ray: All right let’s see here. hm. Well for beginners you’re extremely judgmental.
Marnie: What?
Ray: Yeah you came in here and immediately insulted me and my neighborhood.
Marnie: Those were funny jokes.
Ray: Were they? Were they funny jokes, Marn? You come across like you’re better than everyone and you want no part of their lives and then when you’re excluded from things you’re outrageously offended and hold onto this grudge. Also you’re unbearably uptight.
Marnie: Okay. Who isn’t uptight really if we’re being serious.
Ray: And you use people. You use people a lot.
Marnie: What? No.
Ray: Yeah. You do. So much so that even when you try to connect and be sincere it comes across as phony. I think that more or less sums it up in a nutshell. You’re a huge fat fucking phony.



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