A risky bliss

“There are barracudas in the lake,” the tour guide said in a blunt tone.

Not really knowing what barracudas look like exactly (I imagined cute, little fishes swimming in schools) and with my head in a Coron haze all throughout the time, I gleefully dived in WITHOUT a life vest and floated on the lake on my back in utter tranquility. It was one of the best feelings ever not even dope can induce you.

Upon arriving at the boat, I quickly googled “barracuda.” And man, the photo below is what I saw.


Also, this is what I’ve read:

“Barracuda are vicious hunters with lightning speed and accuracy, the barracuda is also one of the most aggressive. Barracuda have incredibly sharp teeth that can very easily lacerate you if you manage to get within biting range. Many attacks on humans have been caused by barracudas, usually ending in the loss of an arm or a leg.”

Truly, ignorance is risky bliss.


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