I have infinite tenderness for you

Adele and Emma.

Adele and Emma.

Blue Is The Warmest Color came into my life at pretty much the most perfect moment: I was recovering from my life’s most painful break-up while trying to introspect if I can ever love again.

‘Blue’ centers around Adèle, a high-school student whose female friends gossip about boys and encourage her to go out with a boy who is attracted to her. They date and have sex, but she is dissatisfied and breaks up with him. While walking on the street one day, she passes by a woman with blue hair and instantly falls in love. The woman is Emma, an advanced Fine Art student. They become friends after accidentally meeting at a lesbian bar, but Adèle finds herself even more in love with Emma. Soon, the two begin a relationship.

Over the course of several years, the two women live happily together. Adèle finishes school and joins the teaching staff at an elementary school, where one of her male colleagues shows an interest in her. Jealous of Emma’s apparent intimacy with one of her friends, Adèle agrees to go out with him. Emma discovers the brief affair and kicks Adèle out of the apartment they share. Some time later, Adèle and Emma meet at a restaurant. Adèle is still in love with Emma, but Emma is in another relationship and is no longer in love with Adèle. Emma forgives Adèle and says she will always think fondly of her. — Wikipedia


Amazing Adèle.

While the movie is laden with a lot of beautiful scenes, two of my favorites are found towards the end: the confrontation scene between Adele and Emma when the latter caught the former kissing a male colleague which led to their break-up; and the scene when the two meet again in a restaurant after they broke up. Both brilliant scenes are just brimming with emotions — love, passion, angst and pain — that both actresses so flawlessly portrayed and delivered you can feel them through the screen.

Easily the best gay drama film since Brokeback Mountain, no review is ever sufficient to explain how good the movie is. You just have to see it for yourself.

I will always have a special place in my heart for ‘Blue’…

Willing to go 'straight' with Adèle.

Willing to go ‘straight’ for Adèle.

…and for Adèle.


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