40 Things You Should Never Apologize For

1. Never apologize for NOT always being there for a friend. We all have lives to live and you’re not some emergency hotline number that everyone calls only when they need you.

2. Never apologize for speaking your mind. I learned in life that not all people want honesty. Some find it unsettling. Why should you care? These people rarely take responsibility.

3. Never apologize for your selfies. Fuck the haters. They’re just jealous because they cannot muster the same confidence you have about who you are. So take selfies all you want and be annoying on Instagram.

4. Never apologize for having standards and not sleeping with anyone with a pulse. Those who want to get in your pants or in your life will have to meet them.

5. Never apologize for splurging your cash on what you like. Giving yourself a treat after a week of nonstop workaholicking is not a crime (as long as you’re not spending your money on shabu and the sort.)

6. Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. You’re a live human. You have a beating heart. Just make sure you’re responding to stimuli appropriately or else you might need to see a shrink.

7. Never apologize for how you feel. It’s like saying sorry for being real, says the cliche.

8. Never apologize for going after the things that make you happy especially to your parents. If you feel the need to quit your job or move across borders, do it. As long as it’s really what you want.

9. Never apologize for NOT helping the old man cross the road. We all have our own worries and you cannot offer the shirt off your back if you’re naked.

10. Never apologize for being annoying on Social Media. If people are tired of seeing your shit on Facebook or Twitter, there’s always the unfriend or unfollow button. And you can always unfriend and unfollow them in real life.

11. Never apologize for getting pregnant at an early age. Don’t ever tell me that you’re not aware sticking a man’s penis in your vagina and allowing him to ejaculate inside you can make you pregnant. Truth is you’re aware of the subsequences of sex. It’s a choice you made. Own up to your choices and prove them haters it’s a decision you love. After all, being mother is the best job in the world.

12. Never apologize for sticking to your values and principles most especially if you’re just doing it for the comfort of another person.

13. Never apologize for liking and wanting your bestfriend’s ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. There is no ‘rules of feminism’. There is no bro code. If you like a person, tell that person! Many commit suicide due to unspoken passions, you know. So you shouldn’t apologize to Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador.

14. Never apologize for pigging out and gaining weight. Masarap kumain! E ano ngayon? Hindi naman kayo ang tataba!

15. Never apologize for having an opinion. Especially when you’re right.

16. Never apologize for watching porn and sharing your thoughts on sex. There’s a lot of lessons we learn from sex. Like learning how to compromise, adjust and compensate.

17. Never apologize for your PDAs. If you love a person, tell them. Show them. Only, you have to make sure you’re not in Dubai or Abu Dhabi (or anywhere in the Middle East except for Israel) or they can jail you for that.

18. Never apologize for your success. You worked hard for it and no one should hate you for bragging about it.

19. Never apologize for needing alone time. We all need that time for ourselves to detoxify. Take that special time to look back on your life and let go of the excess baggages you do not need before you carry on.

20. Never apologize for giving your all in a relationship that just couldn’t work out. At least you tried. And nobody loses for trying.

21. Never apologize for being a woman (if you’re a woman). Involve yourself. Speak your ideas. Don’t let society stifle your power and your strength. After all, you run the world according to Beyonce, right?

22. Never apologize for being gay (if you’re gay). Just as straights do not apologize for being straight.

23. Never apologize for dancing in the rain and screaming at basketball games. As April Wheeler said, If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don’t mind being totally completely insane.

24. Never apologize for not giving a fuck. Sometimes we really just don’t care about so many things. Why torture ourselves and worry our lives away?

25. Never apologize for saying no. People can’t get all they want, can they?

26. Never apologize for trying something new. Make mistakes and learn all lessons you possibly can. This world could use another wise person to get it back on track.

27. Never apologize for putting yourself first. It might sound selfish at first but once you’ve reached your potentials and made the best of your life, you will be in a better place to be of service to others.

28. Never apologize for your daydreaming. Give your brain the rest it deserves.

29. Never apologize for staying in bed all day. While it isn’t something you want to do everyday, you deserve a full day of rest and lounging in bed with a Sex and the City marathon. Or a porn-cum-masturbation session if you’re a sex-deprived individual who just needs to get off to remain sane.

30. Never apologize for taking a second look and changing your mind. You’re not fucking Robocop. You’re allowed to have thoughts and opinions. Change your decision as you deem fit.

31. Never apologize for your outfit. It’s like saying sorry for your individuality. If what you’re wearing makes you feel good, then there’s nothing wrong with it. Fuck the phony haters.

32. Never apologize for your grammatical errors. Americans do not and they’re fucking native speakers.

33. Never apologize for hating a person. We all have pet peeves and individual annoyances. Move on!

34. Never apologize for being horny and initiating sex with your partner. It doesn’t mean you’re a pervert. It only means you’re not a rotting carcass on a queen-sized bed.

35. Never apologize for not being the child your parents want you to be. Do not be afraid to say ‘No, Mom, I do not want to play the pinao’ or ‘No, Dad, I am not marrying your business partner’s ugly son’. Trust me, it feels good.

36. Never apologize for not believing in a god. No belief is superior or inferior to another.

37. Never apologize for breaking some rules. After all, it’s you who will suffer the consequences, not them.

38. Never apologize for your choices in life. And if you love where you are right now, it only means you made the right choices.

39. Never apologize for loving the person you love. He could be an heavily tattooed addict or a dumb freak with an IQ below 80, or she could be a former slut who changed just for you, it shouldn’t matter what other people say. You love the person and that’s the only important thing.

40. Never apologize for being a Filipino. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

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