Beyond My Husband’s Lover

I was taking my routine post-My Husband’s Lover bath to Norah Jones’ music when all of a sudden, I had a thought: why don’t the writers of the series do a prequel once MHL is done? I thought they could tell the story of either Eric or Vincent (I prefer Eric because his persona is more shrouded in mystery) back in their early years when they were still struggling with their identity with the turbulent Martial Law era as the backdrop. That would be interesting, isn’t it? The Martial Law years could provide a colorful interaction between the Filipino society then and the phenomenon that is homosexuality. Martial Law could also be employed as a metaphor of the gay protagonist’s personal struggles towards liberation and freedom of self-expression. Although I know little about Ferdinand Marcos’ views on homosexuality, Imelda Marcos sure loved the gays. In fact, during the election in 1986, she was asked on why Ferdinand Marcos would win the gay vote (proves that Filipino LGBT has been vibrant way before EDSA Revolution), she answered:

Our opponent [Cory Aquino] does not put on any make up. She does not have her fingernails manicured. You know gays. They are for beauty. Filipinos who like beauty, love and God are for Marcos.

While My Husband’s Lover is nothing short of revolutionary, I think its creators should work on building on the momentum they have gained by topping it. While My Husband’s Lover is shown in the perspective of a woman, Lally, a housewife, the prequel, this time, will be delivered using a gay man’s point-of-view. In this way, the writers are not limited as to how they’re going to present homosexuality as they now have access to first-hand experiences of a gay man. They can now thoroughly tackle the real struggles and adversities that a gay man must face in a conservatively Catholic society: bully classmates, a homophobic father, secret crushes and unrequited love, and countless of sleepless nights brought about by questions like ‘what am I’ or ‘what is wrong with me’.

Now that we have tested the waters with My Husband’s Lover and the results are promising, maybe it’s time for the next, big stride. My Husband’s Lover has shown that homosexuality is indeed happening, it is now time to show the Philippines why it needs to come to terms with it and embrace it.


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