Five Possible Endings for My Husband’s Lover

Looking for a My Husband’s Lover-esque kind of story that is also very Filipino and is based on the perspective of a gay man? Click here.


Don’t get me wrong; I love this show so much it hurts me to just think it will end someday. In fact, it’s the only Filipino soap opera that I have religiously followed in my whole, entire life (my Mom can attest to that). Heck, I even contribute to the massive Twitter traffic that allows #MyHusbandsLover to trend every effing night without fail.

But let’s face it: every favorite TV show of ours is bound to end. Philippine television is so over that phase when thin plots are stretched to epic proportions and when recycled story arcs are revisited fifty fucking times in a period of a month just to prolong the show for five fucking years. Okay, the latter’s a hyperbole. Anyway, Philippine soap operas nowadays have become shorter and their themes and motifs have become much more specialized although this doesn’t void them of cliches. Every now and then we still see a child (usually a female) stolen from a rich family and then later in life she finds out she has the blood of a <insert long, sossy-sounding Spanish surname here> or two babies intentionally exchanged at birth by the kumadrona for the purpose of revenge. Series writers and producers are too obsessed about making profit they fail to see the fact that their viewers have brains and that as soap operas evolve, so does society. They just keep on offering the same ulam every time. That’s why Philippine TV was shaken to the core when My Husband’s Lover, the first gay themed TV series in predominantly Catholic Philippines, was released by GMA 7. And the gamble proved to be a good one.

A lot of people are still theorizing what made My Husband’s Lover such a huge hit. Some say it’s the depth of the show and its refreshing take on homosexuals in the Philippines who were traditionally depicted in media as the stereotype effeminate gays before this show came. The strong performances of the series’ triumvate – Tom Rodriguez, Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana – whose characters’ controversial and dynamic love triangle has become the talk of the town, is also considered a major factor of the show’s success. Many have also lauded the much improved visuals and other technicalities of the series, not to mention Kuh Ledesma’s haunting rendition of OPM song One More Try. One can also say that the increasingly vibrant and brave culture of LGBT in the country also has a huge impact on My Husband’s Lover’s success, something that the writers and producers have to be thankful for. And at the same time, the LGBT community has to be grateful to the show for its courageous disputation of preconceive notions of what gays are and how they become gays. Indeed, My Husband’s Lover is the best thing that happened to Philippine TV in years.

But as mentioned before, all best things must come to an end. My Husband’s Lover is only slated for a sixteen-week run. And because of the intricate relationship among the show’s characters, one can only guess how the show is going to end. I’m quite certain pressure is on right now for Ms. Suzi Doctolero to ensure the series ends on a high note without hurting the sensitivities of its viewers. This post is my attempt to provide possible finishes for the groundbreaking show, my opinion regarding the finish and the possible reaction from different categories of viewers on the corresponding finish.

Ending #1: Vincent dies. Lally forgives Eric and Vincent. Everyone tries to live happily ever after.

This, for me, is a bad ending. I mean, we’ve had enough of gay romances capped off with a tragedy (ever seen Japanese’ Boys Love? Ugh). It only gives the impression that gay love stories have to end up tragically. A tragic end is only good when it is necessary and killing off a major character just to give quick end to a complex web of love affairs is just poor storytelling. I hope this is not how the show will end.

General reaction from:

Bekis: Ay. Namatay si Vincent. K, let’s move on.
Housewives: Magkakatuluyan si Lally at Eric!
Hormonal teenage girls: Ang gwapo ni Dennis Trillo.
CBCP: Hmmm… ang cute nung anak na lalake ni Lally at Vincent. (ehem)

Ending #2: Eric dies. Lally and Vincent are reunited. Everyone tries to live happily ever after.

This ending is the worst. Not only did Vincent lose the love of his life, he also now needs to live with someone he’s not attracted to or in love with. It’s not because Lally is unattractive (hell, no!) but I must clarify that Vincent is gay, not a bisexual. Even if a gay man marries a woman, he will always be drawn to men and there’s always that chance of him cheating on his wife again. So unless we want to see My Husband’s Lover 2, this can NOT be the ending of the show!

General reaction from:

Bekis: Kahit anong gawin ni Lally, hahanap at hahanap pa rin ng nota si baklang Vincent! That’s just like the rule of beki-ism!
Housewives: Bading pa rin si Vincent so…
Hormonal teenage girls: Ang gwapo ni Dennis Trillo kahit nasa kabaong.
CBCP: Ang cute nung batang lalake sa burol ni Eric.

Ending #3: Lally dies. Vincent and Eric go to the land of the brave and the free, get married and party with Lady Gaga.

No, writers, you just don’t kill off an innocent character who has acquired the sympathy of the viewers! It will only make Vincent and Eric look bad and their happiness a fluke! While all three of them are victims of unfortunate circumstances here, it is still wrong for rational Vincent and Eric to engage in an adulterous affair. Like I said, ending the show with a funeral won’t justify anything.

General reaction from:

Bekis: Sana gawan ng porn ‘yung honeymoon ni Vincent at Eric.
Housewives: M-mga b-bakla kayo!!! Pinatay niyo si Lally! Kayo ang dahilan ng kanyang malungkot na paglisan!
Hormonal teenage girls: Ang gwapo talaga ni Dennis Trillo.
CBCP: Sana dalhin na lang sa seminaryo yung batang lalake na anak nina Lally at Vincent.

Ending #4: Nobody dies. Lally realizes Vincent can never be hers. She forgives both Vincent and Eric and asks Vincent for an annulment. Vincent and Eric get married in Uruguay. Lally attends the wedding. She meets a guy, this time a real one. They fall in love. Gets married again. They all become advocates of gay rights and divorce in the Philippines. They all live happily ever after.

Need I say more? Hehe.

Ending #5: All of them die. The end.

Unless you want an Egypt-like social unrest in this country, don’t.

So which of these endings would you like to see? Do you have your own version of how you would like for this love triangle to end? I guess no matter how the show ends, My Husband’s Lover has already made its indelible mark in the history of Philippine television. It has raised the bar in television viewing  in the country and we all hope that this won’t be the last of its kind. My Husband’s Lover proves that one doesn’t need to compromise the quality of a product for it to become a hit; that conformity doesn’t always translate to success; and that we are not devoid of unique ideas that could make our TV shows and movies world-class. One only needs to look around and see all the beautiful ideas waiting to be put into writing.

Also, I hope that more and more shows will include a representation of homosexuals in Philippine media. Not the stereotypical. Not a caricature. But the real one. Homosexuality is real. Accept it; don’t just mere tolerate it. That can only happen if the state will start recognizing our rights as human beings. The right to be protected from discrimination. The right to marry the person we love. The right to have our own family. No one deserves to be treated a second class citizen in this country. I hope My Husband’s Lover will serve as an eye opener for all including our political leaders whose decision-making literally dictate the fate of our lives. We have surrendered some of our freedoms to the state. Now it’s time for the state to fulfill its contractual promise: the protection and promotion of our rights.

One day, My Husband’s Lover will end. But our battle for justice and recognition continues.


  1. Vincent and lally will end up together. Filipino soap operas conform to what is usually accepted in the society. They won’t show 2 men ending up together because in reality that rarely happens. And hello think of the kids they’ll be forever traumatized.

  2. For me, Ending no. 4 is the BEST fit for the Finale. On the first place, ACCEPTANCE is the key towards a long and good life diba? And homosexuality is a REALITY especially here in the Philippines. Vincent is a gay man (from the start) and he loves Eric at tinago niya lang ang sexualidad niya at pinakasalan niya si Lally para ma accept siya ng mga tao at di makita ang kanyang pagiging bading o “shoke”. I hope that writers of this teleserye would make a good ending (literally) na hindi death ang katapusan ng kwento. Vincent and Erick should be together kasi sila naman tlga yung unang nagmahalan at pwede silang magpakasal sa ibang country na support sa Same-sex Marriage and Lally should find a new Man para maka move-on and start a new life and set new goals for herself.. The moral story of this teleserye is know who you are and make firm decisions in life. Sa part kasi ni Vincent magulo siya mag decide at dami niyang nasaktan na tao especially yung scene na nag bugbugan sina Erick at Vincent sa condo unit at “sorry” lang yung sinabi ni Vincent after nung fight (sarap sapakin)!

    Bottom line, Ending no. 4 should be the Finale of My husbands lover.🙂

  3. well for me the best choice would be close to number 4. because in the first place the soap tackles about the love story of two gay men.. kasi kung hindi naman di ba dapat babae na lang din sana yung ginawa kabit at hindi beki. so kung si eric at vincent man ang magkatuluyan in the end pasok pa din sa kwento and besides that’s reality.. bakla si vincent from the start.. he married lally para itago ang pagkatao nya pero it don’t stop him para mahalin pa din si eric at lumande sa iba lalake/ gay.. di ba nga nung umalis si eric at nagpunta sa states si david naman ang nakarelasyon nya.. so kung magkakabalikan sila ni lally mauulit lang ng mauulit lahat kasi bakla talaga si vincent hindi na talaga sya magbabago.. so hindi pa din magiging happy ending yun and besides hindi din magiging tunay na masaya si lally sa ganun set up.. eh di might as well magkatuluyan na lang si vince at beh tutal sila naman talaga ang nagmamahalan from the start.. as for lally maganda xa, matalino he deserve someone na mamahalin sya kagaya ng pagmamahal na kaya nya ibigay.. sana makatapos xa ng pagaaral para makahanap sya ng self fullfillment at self worth and respect then eventually she will get married or meet someone who deserve her.. sa mga kids naman at first it will really break their hearts pero sana dumating sa.point na.maiintindihan din nila kasi ang ma kabataan naman ngaun eh matatalino na at mga open minded na.
    di ba may isa scene na kay hannah na nanggaling na.meron sya classmate na pareho lesbian ang parents pero happy and mahal na mahal nila yung classmate ni.hannah.. and besides being gay naman won’t stop vincent from being a good dad to hannah and diego.. as long as the 3 main characters remains friends and in good terms.. its my opinion lang naman.. I’m not gay, I’m a straight woman.. im just being realistic here.. and lastly agree ako dun sa ang gwapo talaga ni dennis trillo.. hahaha.. :))

    1. and besides it would be unfair din sa mga gays na anh theme na nga story is about saknila tapos tragic pa ng ending di ba.. kasi sa mundo naman talaga they find true happiness naman sa mga partners nila.. realidad yun.. oo it would end up na parang nasira.ang family nina lally pero lalo lang magiging miserable ang buhay nila kung ipipilit pa na mabuo ulit cla.. mas ok yung makakahanap si lally na another guy na straight na tatanggapin sya at ang mga anak nya.. yung tipo carmina life story lang di ba..

  4. my ending will be this….
    Vincent will end up alone coz his marriage with Lally will be annuled and she and the kids will live together (of course!) Eric, frustrated with Vincent’s selfish ways and refusal to come out in the closet, will finally leave him for good and go back to US to mend his broken heart. Vincent on the other hand, will reach out to his parents after finding out his father is dying and they will all be together again…

  5. My husband’s lover is such a good teleserye ever and I just wanted na sana sina vincent at lally pa rin. Since vincent loves lally din naman kahit papaano and I know na makakayanan niyang makisama kay lally forever kung gugustuhin nya lang. For eric, I hope he’s gonna find a better man for him…kasi it’s not good kung sila pa rin ni Vincent knowing that it is not normal kasi vincent is married and committed na and I do believe that the main focus of this drama is “family”. And yes true love nga ni vincent si eric pero hindi naman dapat kasi nga may pamilya na sya at masaya pa ung pamilya niya. And I agree to what the writer stated that ending the show with a funeral won’t justify anything tsaka hindi na to unique bakit kelangang may mamatay kung pwede namang gawing masaya ang ending para rin sa ikasasaya ng manonood.

  6. I hope hindi sana matuloy ung pagsusuicide ni Vincent. Sana si Don Armando (Roi Vinzon) na lang ang magpakamatay sa bandang huli. Kasi as long as nabubuhay ang mga halimaw na katulad ni Don Armando hindi pwedeng magkatuluyan ang mga katulad nila Eric at Vincent and magkaroon ng bagong buhay at pagkakataon na maka move-on ang mga katulad ni Lally.

  7. will sana happy ending lahat ay happy since we are in the phil. we are not promoting a devorce. at lahat naman ng tao my room para magbago. as the theam song says lets give it one more try. and Vincent open up to his wife lally so meaning Vincent want to work out his marriage at sabi nya napamahal naman cya kay lally. my sinompaan sila sa loob ng church for better or for Worst. so I think just save thier marriage. to ba a good example of the story. for Eric since he is still single he will finally fine someone na magpapaligaya sa kanya.

  8. I want Eric and Vince to be together because true love deserves that. I hope the writers do give them that and prove that we are no longer living in 1963 in the Brokeback Mountain era.

  9. Hello, I chose ending #4, it is more realistic at ito talaga ang gusto kung mangyari kung ako lang ang writer ng soap na ito, ganito talaga ang gagawin ko, LOL. Ang common na kasi na at the end of Teleserye may namamatay, not realistic. Kung ako kasi ang nasa sitwasyon ni Lally, natural lang na masasaktan at first pero kung alam mo naman na hindi talaga magiging maligaya ang husband mo sa iyo kasi ganun talaga siya, bakit naman ipagpilitan ‘diba?

    Follow me on my blog guys. Article about MHL will be posted soon.

  10. Third comment. Sorry, have lots of thoughts. Possible Ending 6: Lally chooses to become a nun (like her mum). Eric chooses to be free from Vincent (their love is just so consuming, unhealthy), and Vincent finds reason to move on in the character of… (he’s really the lover-boy). This may lead to a spin-off once the show concludes (as you have clearly emphasized). My Ex-Husband’s Husband.

  11. Ending No. 2 is possible too, though not in the way you painted the picture. Someone, also on twitter, suggested that Lally may get devastatingly sick near the end and would need a heart transplant surgery. Bottom-line, she gets Eric’s heart. Makes you think hard what that means in the broader context of things, since Eric’s heart still beats for Vincent!

  12. Ending No. 5! THEY GET AIDS! I’m not trying to be funny. I want the show to challenge that cliche (association of gays with AIDS) as well! And oh! what a truly heart-crushing turn of events. that would be. Someone on twitter said, there is beauty in tragedy! It would immortalize the love and story of the characters. Ako si Lally, …….at ako’y may AIDS!

  13. None of the above… in the end they will decide to live separate lives! they realize having each other have had cause so much pain to start all over again! if that makes sense!?

      1. No. 4 is the best. The story plot is something I will never ever forget. God! It is so addicting! Sobrang kaabang-abang! Ang iniisip ko lang yung mga anak nila…How will they accept the sexuality of their father??? Eh ang bata pa nila??? Napapaisip na naman ako!

      2. well that less painful compare sa mga choices pag si eric ang pinili ma giging masama ang dating nya dahil nakipag relasyon sya sa taong meron commitment buti sana kung hindi kasal at at walang anak sila vincent ikalawa hindi rin maganda kung mag kakatuluyan si lally at vincent dahil gay si vincent at parang paninindigan nya parin pagiging closet nya pag nag kaganun mas maganda kung wala sa kanila ang mag katuluya para walang bias sa both parties!

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