Three Reasons Why The Olivia-Fitz Love Affair Is The Worst Part of Scandal

I think Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is the worst part of Scandal and why I think so warrants a post.

I love Scandal. I love Olivia. I think she’s currently the fiercest woman on non-defunct TV after Maggie Smith’s character in Downton Abbey and Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison. I also love Fitz. He’s so hot I could die. However, my delight for the show dramatically drops everytime their love story becomes the central focus of an episode. I just hate seeing them together! Here are my reasons why:

1. Their chemistry is off. And it’s not about the racial difference. Gawd, no. I just don’t get the Meredith-Derek vibe from them. Maybe because they’re not a fun couple like the former; there are no jokes, no humor, no comic relief in their excessively serious mess. I mean, Meredith and Derek are a mess, too, but there’s just something between them that clicks, something that makes the mess entertaining to see and be a witness of. And this something, I don’t see in Olivia and Fitz.

2. Every time they are in the same scene, everything goes all ‘Ina Kapatid Anak.’ I hate any soap opera that is not My Husband’s Lover. Too much drama is too much! Nakakaumay. When Fitz ‘broke up’ with Olivia, I was so relieved even if it broke Liv’s heart. And the episodes that followed that ‘break-up’ episode are for me some of the best in Season 2. I don’t get why most people would love to see them together.

3. Their relationship is too problematic. He’s the president of the United States. He’s married, has children, etc etc. I know we do not watch a show called Scandal for its high moral ground but I think Fitz is bad for Olivia. I mean, I love her because she’s really smart and brave and she’s a gladiator, but Fitz tends to take her armor off her which makes the show a little less exciting. The reason I loved Olivia is because of her fierceness and seeing her with a Waterloo ruins it all.

But then again, maybe it is these same reasons that make the show interesting. Fine, I’m willing to endure these just as long as Millie, Huck or Abby doesn’t take the backseat. They are my favorites in the show and I’d love to see more of/from them.



One comment

  1. Hi,
    I read this post two times to check if you were serious or just joking … maaaan, The chemistry is off ???? it’s the first time I hear that about Olivia and Fitz because every time people talk about the show they mention this incredible chemistry between these actors.
    sorry but you can’t make a point by lying, you can say anything but not that their chemistry is off .. I was in love with Meredith and Derek before but when I saw Olivia and Fitz, even MerDer became boring.
    can I just add something, if there wasn’t Olitz the show was going to be cancelled and there wouldn’t even be season2 of Scandal so sorry without them there is no show .. Shonda said it “it’s the center of the show” and even Oprah Winfrey said that their chemistry is electrifying

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