Expanding waist, and the benefits of living with a guy.

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So over the years we have both picked up some weight. Last year I decide to give up one of my favorite comfort foods, potato crisps. I was very good and William was very supportive. The end result with better eating habits and also with no alcohol. I lost 8kg. I am maintaining my weight, however William has picked up a couple of kg. now he is tall and due to his build you don’t really notice it. However this weekend he put on a pair of underpants that did not fit. It looked so funny, however on checking they were actually a pair of mine.

Now we do not share underwear, but we have one sock draw. It got me thinking, the benefits of living with a man. We can use the same deodorant, shaving cream. Share shampoo, face products, I can use his t-shirts to sleep in. We…

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