Why prostitution should be legalized

Just my two cents. I’m not being immoral. I’m just logical. And I am also not a prostitute.

1. Prostitution isn’t a crime against women
provided they are not coerced or trafficked to do it. First, not all prostitutes are women just as not all clients are men. Some Johns are… uhm women. Whatever. Anyway, Sex is never a showcase of male dominance or female submission. People should stop looking at it that way! Consensual sex is a pleasurable activity both sexes enjoy and it’s kind of hypocritical when some people say it’s disgusting.

Moreover, exploitation and trafficking of women and children can only be halted if the existence of prostitution is recognized and the legal and social rights of commercial sex workers are assured.

2. Prostitution won’t lead to adultery. You know what leads to adultery? When you fail to provide your partner his/her sexual needs because you’re too busy with work or you’re too uptight to try something new. Who pays someone for sex? Obviously someone who is not getting it at home.

3. Prostitution shouldn’t be a crime. Sex is not a harmful act. Yes, the spread of sexually transmitted infections and other detriments are all possible in the practice of prostitution, but criminalization is also the easiest way to worsen these issues rather than solve them.

4. Decriminalization of prostitution would facilitate the protection of the people involved in the industry from violence and abuse. Isn’t it ironic that police authorities arrest prostitutes and treat them as criminals because they want to “protect” them? That’s BS.

5. Studies reveal that decriminalization of prostitution could lead to the decrease of rape rate.

6. If prostitution is not considered an underground activity, then more serious problems can be effectively addressed such as the spread of STIs and juvenile and forced prostitution. Criminalization of the activity only exacerbates the exploitation and abuse.

7. As children, we were taught to choose a job that we love and we’ll never have to work a day in our lives. And let’s admit it: some people love sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. And if an artist can sell his passion for art, why can’t a person sell his passion for sex (just as long as it’s consensual and he’s not forced to do so)? Criminalization of prostitution is a violation of a person’s civil liberties and his or her right to do what he or she wants with his or her body.


Let me cap off this post by quoting Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones who is, for me, the epitome of sexual liberty, revolution and expression: “Sex is power. Money is power. Therefore, sex for money is simply an exchange of power.”


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